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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Best Fish Fingers- EVER!

Are you a landlubber who thinks they hate fish? I used to be. Here's a suggestion of some fish to try: Grouper. Why? When it's fresh, it's got a nice, gentle taste that would be hard for anyone to hate- definitely as mellow as chicken. Here's my latest grouper-eating tale:

So, we're at a hotel in the Bahamas that's just opened, and their kitchen isn't properly running yet. "We can make some crab cakes or fish fingers," the Manager says. Being no huge fan of crab cakes, my mind goes to fish fingers, but the fish fingers I envisioned were the frozen kind that I grew to dislike as a kid-- dry, fishy, and breaded in a coating that was mostly flavored with salt. Bleah. The Manager then explained that the fish choice was grouper, and that it was fresh. Yum!

These fish fingers were the tastiest ever! Basically, they were what any fish lover would want when eating fish and chips- moist, flaky white fish in a crisp and light breading! What's not to like? Fresh seafood dishes like this were a wonderful staple we found throughout the Bahamas and will most certainly keep us coming back.

P.S. For those of you who are wondering whether I tried conch, I actually chose not to because when I last had it, my lips started to swell, giving me the inkling that I might be allergic. Next time I go, though, I'll try to get my hands on a conch shell.


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